Moon CIty - A Tale of Two Cities

Named from the tale of two cities, Moon City Lofts is nothing short of mythic.


In 1867, there was a dispute over where to place the old Atlantic and Pacific Railroad depot. There were two cities divided by Division St. - on the south you had "Old Town" Springfield and to the north you had a new, smaller settlement dubbed "New Town".

The railroad had yet to pass through Springfield and the then Mayor proclaimed, "They would build a railroad to the Moon before they would through Springfield!"

Shortly after in 1870, "New Town" secured a land deal with the railroad and welcomed the depot, starting a vicious rivalry between the two cities, while also securing its new name, Moon City.

The two cities later united in 1887 to be what we now know as Springfield, Missouri, ensuring a major railroad hub for coal and textiles, even to this very day.